Company Profile

Company Profile

Corporate Overview

Two decades of experience in the construction and civil engineering sector put WABINA in the position to offer supreme value and excellence that is demanded by the market. Known then as Wah Bee Construction Engineering in 25th February 1988, its growth and expansion lead to its incorporation as WABINA Construction and Engineering Sdn. Bhd. in 27th July 1992. 

As the corporation grows, so comes its vision and ability to take on the challenges put forth by market requirements, and with it, the pursuit of design innovation, quality and excellent services through the usage of superior materials and fine workmanship. With a dedicated and strong team of professionals, WABINA has been growing from strength to strength, earning a reputable position in the construction sector.

Over the course of WABINA’s corporate history, it has accumulated the know-how in the designing and building of different architectures, from commercial plazas, industrial lots, luxury condominiums and gated residences, low and medium cost high rise apartments, landed properties, government buildings and religious buildings. In the construction of these buildings, WABINA employs innovative processes in earthwork, piling & foundation work, industrial & steel fabrication and sewerage, as well as employing qualified experts and staff for on site management.

WABINA’s two decades of experience puts it in a position of market leadership in the construction and civil engineering sector, offering value, quality and excellence with design innovation, superior materials and fine workmanship. Always ready to face the challenges ahead, WABINA aims for continuous improvement, dedicated professionalism and customer satisfaction.


Corporate Leadership

WABINA is led by its founder Dato’ Loh Geok Beng, a visionary and experienced entrepreneur in the field of construction and civil engineering. Dato’ Loh is an accomplished businessman that understands the need of active participation in civil society. As such, Dato’ Loh holds position in the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce as its Deputy President, as well as a member of the Penang Joint Chambers of Commerce. Moreover, Dato' Loh sits in the board of Heng Ee High School as Chairman and also as a director in the Penang Han Chiang Associated Chinese School. In addition, he is also a member of the ACCCIM Construction & Property Committee, as well as a committee member of the Penang Master Builders & Building Materials Association.




To ensure continuous improvement in customer satisfaction, quality and service excellence, WABINA has obtained ISO certification in the area of construction and engineering, as well as in its quality management systems.

Experience a Guarantee of Quality

WABINA leverages its two decades’ of experience to offer unique niches to the market, fulfilling the need of competitive costing of our clientele, while offering quality building material, workmanship and efficient processes that is expected of us.

Prompt Completion

WABINA pride itself of able to deliver project within the time frame given, knowing that interruption and delay will increase the cost of the project, defer payment to suppliers and affect the business schedule of property investors.

Service Unparalleled

Though often neglected, there is the need for proper maintenance of completed structures. Here, WABINA puts in the additional effort of designing and construction of buildings that are low in maintenance with practical building designs, high quality materials and innovative fabrication processes to ensure straightforward routine maintenance in the future.

Firm Assurance

Understanding the need for continuous quality improvement in both our products and management in order to stay ahead on the market, WABINA obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2008. In addition, WABINA adopted the Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS), a stringent assessment standards formulated by Singapore in 1989, to resolve outstanding issues that plague the construction industry such as poor workmanship, illegal workers and wastage of materials. The adoption of this system and its ISO status has propelled WABINA’s position as one of the leading construction corporation that commands the confidence of the market with quality and excellence.

Becoming a part of the community

Knowing well the many needs of the community, WABINA actively engages in many corporate social responsibility projects by constructing buildings such as schools and religious places of worship that is of benefit to the neighbourhood.


Our Philosophy

Unparalleled Quality

Optimal Efficiency





We comply with the standards of ISO and the Construction Quality Assessment (CONQUAS), striving for continuous improvements, customer satisfaction and dedication to professionalism


Continuous Improvements

In the quest for continual improvement, WABINA had taken on and successfully completed various challenging projects on premium high-rise condominiums, commercial centres, government headquarters and other structures. Each successive completion cements our reputation in the construction and engineering industry as a corporation of quality and excellence.


Customer Satisfaction

Knowing well that the completion of a project is but the beginning to the next phase of building maintenance, WABINA takes the initiative not only complying with the demands of our clients in quality, but also shares the knowledge in building maintenance and effective cost management with them.


Dedication to Professionalism

The strength of WABINA is powered by a large team of dedicated professionals, each experts of their fields providing the necessary skills and knowledge in the execution of each construction projects. As WABINA is dedicated to quality and excellence, so we demand the same from each member of our team, as they are the fundamental factor in fulfilling the requirements of our clients.



WABINA aims to maintain the leadership position in the construction industry by virtue of our commitment to quality and excellence through on-time delivery, excellent services and exceeding client expectations.



With Penang as its base, WABINA aims to expand its operation first to neighbouring markets, with the ultimate goal of building a global presence and reputation in the international market.


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Name of Company: Wabina Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd.
Company registration No: 245425-D
Date of incorporated: 27th July 1992
Business Address:


No.1 Halaman Melaka

10400 Penang

Tel : 60 (4) 226 3388 (Hunting Line)

Fax: 60 (4) 228 5999 (Project Department)

Tel : 60 (4) 226 2999 (Purchasing, Account & Admin Department)

Organization Chart:

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PKK  Class  A

CIDB G 7 with CE21, CE01, CE19, CE10, CE13, CE20, CE34, CE36.

CIDB G 7 with B02, B04, B12, B13, B14, B24 & ME 01, M15

CIDB G 7 with ME 01, M15

ISO 9001:2008


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Principle Banker:

Malayan Banking Berhad.

RHB Bank Berhad.

Public Bank Berhad

CIMB Bank Berhad


Presgrave & Matthews

SAN & Associates

Associate Companies:

Wabina Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

Excelcer Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Scientimax Sdn. Bhd.

Lead Rating Sdn. Bhd.

Tropical Hill Property Sdn. Bhd.

Brilliant Avenue Development Sdn. Bhd.






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